2020 Seminar Schedule

The virtual 2020 Washington State Biz Fair featured a keynote address and small business owner panel discussion and a series of 60-minute business seminar sessions. The seminars covered topics from creating a business plan and navigating federal taxes to building a website and growing a strong agricultural business. Links to all of the seminars are provided below.

Welcome Remarks, Keynote Address and Small Business Owner Panel
Rafael Colon, Employment Security Department

Keynote Address
Bev Vines-Haines and Charlotte Clary, Ice Chips Candy

It’s never too late to start a business. Learn how two grannies started and grew their business out of their garage. Discover how Ice Chips Candy soared in popularity after being featured on an episode of Shark Tank and won SBA’s Encore Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2016.

Small Business Owner Panel: Award-Winning Tips for Success
Sam Franklin, Greenvelope.com
John Hannah, Pacific Valley Foods
Cy Oatridge, Oatridge Security Group
Olga Sagan, Piroshky Piroshky
Matt Purcell, PCI Pest Control
Susie Jensen, Wheel Line Cider
Moderated by: Tom Hughes, SCORE Greater Seattle

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear real-life experiences from SBA’s 2020 Small Business Week Award Winners. Learn how they’ve overcome challenges, stayed committed to their communities, grow their businesses, and how they have adapted to the “new” normal during a pandemic. Panelists will answer your questions during the live Q&A session at the end.

Creating a Great Place to Work: Human Resources Best Practices, Resources & Requirements
Tiffany Scott, Benton-Franklin Workforce Development Council Celia Nightingale, Department of Labor and Industries

From setting a positive stage with job design, successful recruiting, and onboarding, to ensuring you’re meeting employer requirements, this workshop provides a quick but mighty overview of good HR practice.

Starting a Business: What Does It Really Take to Start a Business?
Chuck Botsford, SCORE Greater Seattle

Starting a new business can be overwhelming. Where do you start? This seminar prepares individuals to make the right decisions and create actionable plans when starting a small business.

Package & Price Services to Maximize Revenue
Susan Perreault, Washington Women’s Business Center

Deciding what to charge for services is a balancing act. With Value-Based Pricing, service fees are based on your competitive advantage and brand (perceived value). The main goal is to better align fees/pricing with the value delivered. In this session, we will discuss how to price and package services to move the discussion away from price to the outcome.

Connect with Customers and Manage Your Business Remotely
Matt Weber, Grow with Google

Discover Google tools that can help business owners work and manage their business during this time of uncertainty. Plus, get insights on more online and timely resources for small businesses.

Selling Online: Ecommerce Readiness and Pivoting
Jenefeness Tucker, Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

Currently, 76% of US consumers shop online. Experts say there will be more than 300 million online shoppers in the US by 2023. If you aren’t selling online, it is likely you are leaving tons of money on the table. If you need assistance getting started, this workshop will help you! Discover if you’re digitally ready, what online platforms to consider, and where to turn for e-commerce help.

WA Small Business Requirements & Resources – COVID-19 Impacts
Rafael Colon, Employment Security Department, Andrew Bryan, Department of Labor & Industries, Cindy Autuchovich, Department of Revenue, and Scott Hitchcock, Office of Regulatory Innovation

This workshop provides a quick overview of some of the state agency responses to COVID-19 that impact small businesses, including resources, services, and requirements.

Strengthening Creative Arts/Crafts-Based Business
Lisa Smith, Washington State Microenterprise Association

Entrepreneurs in the arts, fashion, music, and food/beverage sectors literally build cultural vitality, a vibrant quality-of-life, and economic prosperity for urban and rural communities everywhere. Yet during the COVID crisis, it is estimated that sales of goods and services for creative industries in the US will face estimated losses of $150 billion. Business support services for artists, writers, musicians, foodpreneurs, etc. are essential now, more than ever. If you need support to help your business pivot now or plant seeds during the economic recovery, this session is for you. Join us to learn about available training, financing, and other resources available to creatives throughout Washington State, right now!

Create a Quick Business Plan
Rebecca West, SCORE Greater Seattle

Join other entrepreneurs in this hands-on workshop in which you will first write your “Unique Value Statement” that concisely describes your product or service and its value.

Small Business Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Online Basics
Rachel Barnett, Gentle Frog

In this hour learn the basics of small business accounting: what are financial statements (and why you should care), the basics of small business bookkeeping, and get a brief introduction to QuickBooks Online to get you started right.

The Basics of Business Entities, Contracts, & Leases
Steve Burke, Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

Learn how your business entity and the contracts and leases you engage in for business intersect and the basics of what every business owner has to know about their legal situation

Register, License, Go
Patrick Reed, Washington Secretary of State, and Tanya Dassow, Washington State Department of Revenue – Business Licensing Service

Understand the steps you need to take to register and license your business in the state of Washington with the Secretary of State and Department of Revenue’s Business Licensing Service.

Tips and Tools for Growing Sturdy Businesses in Agriculture
Lisa Smith, Washington State Microenterprise Association

More and more beginning farmers and food entrepreneurs are launching businesses in Washington, with over 300 different agricultural products being grown here every year. Many of these businesses need financing and technical support to meet the growing demand for healthy, locally sourced products. This workshop presents tips and tools that rural/farm-based entrepreneurs can use immediately to grow their network of ag and business resource partners, as well as identify financing and market opportunities.

Washington State Business Taxes
Quinn Dickason, Washington State Department of Revenue

Learn about Washington’s business and occupation (B&O) tax and when and how to collect and pay retail sales tax – straight from the source.

Beyond Startup: Avoiding Four Fatal Errors
Celia Nightingale, Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

Don’t let fatal errors be the end of your business! Learn how to set your priorities, manage your cash, determine if a worker is an employee or contractor, and how to stay on top of regulatory and tax requirements.

Slay the Social Media Dragon
Robbin Block, Blockbeta Marketing

Marketing these days involves conquering the many-headed beast of social media. Win the battle with strategic and practical ways to use various social media sites effectively. Learn about low-budget tools and resources to save time and improve results.

Financing & Crowdfunding Panel
Cathy Griffith, Small Business Administration (SBA), Karen Campbell, SNAP Financial Access, Darren Guyaz, Business Impact NW, and Robin Dode, Banner Bank

Financing alternatives are out there, but what is the best option for your small business? This session explores the benefits of the various options from the SBA loan programs to alternative lenders and crowdfunding.

Selling to the Government
Kate Hoy, Washington State Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), and Ana Ranvir Singh, Small Business Administration (SBA)

Should a government entity be a client of yours? This 101 class is geared toward business owners who may want to expand into government contracting. We will discuss the basics of selling to all levels of the government from federal and state agencies to local entities. We will discuss certifications that you may be eligible for and introduce you to free resources that can help navigate the process. This session will include time to answer your questions.

Keys to Creating a Business Boosting Website
Jim Rosemary, NewTech Web

Uncover the secrets that are guaranteed to make your website a powerful business-building tool.

DIY Market Research
Jay Lyman, Seattle Public Library

Whatever stage your business is at, having good data is important. Information is key to success, but can be expensive or time-consuming if you don’t know where to look. Find out how to easily navigate various databases available through your local library to help you make informed decisions in your business planning, marketing, site location and market analysis. Also, gain valuable information and insights to better understand local economic conditions, customers, and more.

Federal Taxes and the Small Business Owner
Joe Heinrich, SCORE Greater Seattle

You’ve started a new small business, or you’ve been in business for some time. Great! Yet you feel you may not be reporting and paying all your federal taxes properly. Look no further! Here’s a workshop that provides you the essential information about federal taxes you need to know for your business, plus how to report them and pay them!

PSE Lighting Incentives for Your Business!
Heather Pierce, Puget Sound Energy, Scott Harder, Puget Sound Energy, Michael Lane, LCPuget Sound Energy, and Andrew Pultorak, LC, MIES, Puget Sound Energy

Join the PSE Business Lighting webinar where our experts share how PSE can help you pay for your lighting upgrade and save energy! Saving money month after month. Included in this 60-minute event, we will discuss the many ways PSE’s Business Lighting Program can help pay for a portion of your lighting upgrade (up to 70%!), show you the latest lighting technology, highlight past Business Lighting customer experiences, show how easy the enrollment process is, give away prizes and more!

How to Become a Seller on Amazon Business
Lois Rouder, Amazon, Kelly Cudworth, PNWB Office Products

Prime Day sales for third-party sellers – most of which are small and medium-sized businesses – surpassed $3.5 billion this year, making it the two biggest days ever for those selling partners on Amazon. Learn how to become a Seller on Amazon Business and hear from a successful Washington State Seller – strategies on how their business has grown and thrived.

2020 Small Business Awards Gala

In celebration of the SBA's National Small Business Week recognizing outstanding small businesses and supporters of small businesses in Washington State, SCORE Greater Seattle hosted the Small Business Awards Gala. Attendees joined the Washington State small business community in a virtual celebration to honor 2020’s local winners.

  • Cy Oatridge – 2020 National 8(a) Graduate of the Year
  • Joe Heinrich – SCORE Volunteer of the Year
  • John & Susan Hannah – 2020 Pacific Northwest Region & Seattle District Exporter of the Year
  • Judith Rinehart – SCORE Client of the Year
  • Karen Ginther – SBA District Director Award Winner
  • Madison Brewer – 2020 Seattle District Rising Start-up of the Year
  • Matt Purcell – 2020 Seattle District Veteran-Owned Business of the Year
  • Olga Sagan – 2020 Washington Small Business Person of the Year
  • Sam Franklin – 2020 Seattle District Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Susie Jensen – 2020 Seattle District Rural Small Business of the Year