Blogging 101

If your business doesn’t have a blog yet, you’re missing out on web traffic and natural search optimization. Get practical blogging tips that increase traffic and build your brand.

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1:15pm-2:15pm Seminars

Developing a Business Plan
Learn the process of creating an effective business plan using the lean canvas model.
Instructor: Domonique Juleon, Business Impact Northwest

Sell to the Government
Discover how to use small business certifications and set asides to get your share of $105 billion.
Instructor: Kate Hoy, PTAC Government Contracting Specialist

Slay the Social Media Dragon
Marketing these days involves conquering the many-headed beast of social media—win the battle with these strategic and practical ways.
Instructor: Robbin Block, Blockbeta Marketing

Register, License, Go!
Steps you need to license your business from Business Licensing Service.
Instructor: Brenda Riley, Washington State Department of Revenue

Business Filing 101
Learn how to start an LLC or other entity, what is required for legal maintenance & how to use the Secretary of State filing system.
Instructor: Patrick Reed, Office of Secretary of State

Keys to Creating a Business Boosting Website
Uncover the secrets that are guaranteed to make your website a powerful business building tool.
Instructor: Jim Rosemary, New Tech Web, Inc.

Taxes & The Small Business Owner
Find out what every small business needs to know about filing and paying federal taxes, and how to avoid the most common tax reporting errors.
Instructor: Rizwan Chaudhry, NW Accountants, Inc.

Tips to Take Your Networking To 11

Networking can be awkward. But with practice and preparation, you can feel comfortable and be successful. Learn social media tips to prepare for and follow up afterward, how to choose your “best” guest, and how to tap into the power of being memorable.

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Accelerate Your Growth Using the Iceberg Analogy

Your potential clients are like an iceberg. An iceberg is 20% above water and 80% below water. To get below the waterline, you need to enhance one key skill – ask better questions. Learn how the right questions will help differentiate you in the marketplace and significantly accelerate your growth.

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