Washington Small Business Development Center (SBDC)


With a network of advisors in locations across the state, the SBDC provides one-on-one confidential business advising, demand-driven training, and market research to both new and established small business owners at no cost to the owner. In 2018, business advisors with the Washington SBDC network were responsible for $73,477,330 in capital formation and assisted more than 2,397 small business owners.

The Washington SBDC network, hosted by Washington State University, is an accredited member of America’s SBDC. Funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration, institutions of higher education, economic development organizations and other public and private funding partners.

Contact Information for SBDC locations in the Greater Seattle Metro area:

South Seattle/Tukwila:
Steve Burke
Regional Manager (Western Washington)
Certified Business Advisor
Phone: 206-246-4445
Email: steve.burke@wsbdc.org

Jenefeness Tucker
Certified Business Advisor
Phone: (206) 439-3785
Email: jenefeness.tucker@wsbdc.org

Ellie He
International Trade Business Advisor
Phone: (206) 428-3022
Email: ellie.he@wsbdc.org

Highline College/Des Moines:
Rich Shockley
Certified Business Advisor
Phone: 206-592-4150
Email: rshockley@highline.edu

Phon Sivongxay
Certified Business Advisor
Email: psivongxay@highline.edu

Green River College/Kent:
Kevin Grossman
Certified Business Advisor
Phone: 253-520-6263
Email: KGrossman@greenriver.edu

Green River College/Auburn:
Taryn Hornby
Certified Business Advisor
Phone: (253) 520-6261
Email: THornby@greenriver.edu

Poulsbo/Kitsap County:
Kevin Hoult
Certified Business Advisor
Phone: (360) 447-8788
Email: kitsapsbdc@wwu.edu

Everett/Snohomish County:
Janet Toth
Certified Business Advisor
Phone: (425) 640-1435
Email: janet.toth@wsbdc.org

Giselle Saguid
Associate Business Advisor
Phone: (401) 472.4237
Email: giselle.saguid@wsbdc.org

John Rodenberg
Certified Business Advisor
Phone: (253) 268-3339
Email: john.rodenberg@wsbdc.org

Parteek Singh
Technology Business Advisor
Phone: (425) 885-4014
Email: parteek.singh@wsbdc.org

For full list of locations in Washington State: http://wsbdc.org/about/our-leadership-staff/

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