Washington State Emergency Management


Disasters Happen: Can your business bounce back from the impact of an earthquake, flood or severe weather storm? Does your business continuity plan include redundancy strategies to ensure your business can continue operation in the case of a power outage or phone interruption?

An estimated 40 percent of businesses do not reopen following a major disaster. Building a continuity plan for your business and having employees that are prepared to come back to work after a disaster will help you more quickly reopen your business.

EMD’s website includes a “business section” which is dedicated to helping businesses plan, prepare, respond, and resume from disasters.

The Emergency Management Division creates high impact, sustainable partnerships with the private sector in all phases of emergency management to enhance preparedness, strengthen response efforts, and contribute to the economic resilience of our state.

Strategies include:

– Build economic resilience in Washington by enhancing the resilience of businesses, both big and small.

– Identify gaps in the nexus of public and private emergency management and facilitate program development to bridge these gaps.

Contact Information:

Address: 20 Aviation Drive, Camp Murray, WA 98430-5122
Phone: 253-307-3373
Fax: 253-512-7206
E-mail: tristan.allen@mil.wa.gov

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