2:30pm-3:30pm Seminars

Selling Online
Discover if you’re digitally ready, what online platforms to consider and where to turn for e-commerce help.
Instructor: Jenefeness Tucker, Washington Small Business Development Center

DIY Website
You need a business website, but don’t know where to begin—before you hire designers, we’ll show you how to begin inexpensively.
Instructor: Robbin Block, Blockbeta Marketing

Marketing Tips & Advice
Marketing is THE critical factor to your business success—discover powerful, cost effective techniques to build your business.
Instructor: Debbie Page, www.DebbiePage.com

QuickBooks Basics
Learn the basic skills of QuickBooks Online to record your business transactions properly.
Instructor: Rachel Barnett, Gentle Frog QuickBooks Training and Consulting

Buying a Business
What if you didn’t need to start from scratch? Great news—you don’t! Learn from the experts how to buy an existing business or franchise.
Instructors: Kris Fuehr, Paulson Exchange

Avoiding Predatory Lending
Looking for business funding? Be careful! Quick, low-cost business loans do not exist. Learn what red flags to watch out for when looking for financing and how to seek out safer alternatives.
Instructor: Che Wong, Craft3