Here is what people are saying about the fair

Jonathan Heldele Plush Landscapes & Horticulture
Wow, What a Phenomenal Day!!!  

With a skeptical attitude about attending the 2010 BizFair, I can now honestly say how incredibly invaluable the event was. You will learn dozens of fully implementable tips, ideas, and most importantly, the pitfalls to avoid (all in one afternoon!) from local business owners/entrepreneurs that have experienced it all first hand. Thank you to ALL who donated their time to help us new business owners. Wow, what a phenomenal day!!!

Douglas McCullough Renton, WA
Rich Source of References  

Douglas McCullough of Renton found "lots of information, enthusiasm, and a willingness to help" at the fair, and called it a "rich source of references."

Renee Lewindowsky Olympia, WA
Learned About the Basics Types of Businesses  

Renee Lewindowsky of Olympia said that she "learned alot about the basic types of businesses"; this information helped her family determine that their educational software business would be an LLC (limited liability company).

Susan Davis Partner/Owner, Kaufman-Davis Studio
Helped Us Plan the Growth of our Business  

My partner and I were looking at business expansion. The information we gathered from the Fair helped us plan the growth of our business.

Marie-France Minton Seattle, WA
Liked the Abundance of Resources  

Marie-France Minton of Seattle liked "the abundance of resources and the knowledge of the presenters.

Biz Fair has been an annual event since 1997 and more than 4,800 people have attended overall. Participants have consistently given the fair and its presenters high marks.