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Get to know your state agencies like never before in our panel discussion, 'Meet Your State Agencies: The Small Business Liaison Team.' Join us for an insightful session where you'll have the opportunity to connect with the dedicated professionals who make up your state's Small Business Liaison Team. Learn how these experts can serve as invaluable resources for your small business, offering guidance, support, and vital information on navigating WA State Government. Discover how their insights and connections can empower your enterprise to thrive in the public sector. Don't miss this chance to build bridges with the key players who can help propel your business to new heights .

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Constance Parbon, Charities, Nonprofits and Public Affairs Administrator
Washington Secretary of State, Corporations and Charities Division

Constance Parbon is the Charities, Nonprofits, and Public Affairs Administrator under the Washington Secretary of State Corporations and Charities Division. She has been with the division for 7 years and within this time she aided in the 2017 implementation of the online Corporations and Charities Filing System “CCFS”. Constance continues to collaborate with IT development to further enhance and incorporate statutory changes within CCFS. She assists customers, business partners, and the AG’s office with their needs pertaining to filing, the system and the division. In addition, Constance works towards expanding education and outreach throughout Washington State for small businesses regarding state compliance and Nonprofits and Charities regarding state compliance and internal governance.

Andrew Bryan
Department of Labor & Industries

Andrew Bryan is the Assistant Small Business Liaison of the WA State Department of Labor & Industries. Andrew has been assisting small business owners navigate state government regulations and requirements at L&I for over six years by providing direct customer assistance, training, customized presentations, and publishing the quarterly Small Business Newsletter. He has an MA in Anthropology and experience as a small business owner prior to joining state government.

Patrick Whalin, Program Administrator
Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

"As a representative of DSHS, I can customize my presentation to the length and content best suited to your audience. My subject matter expertise lies in:


  • All things Child Support/Enforcement Related: including Income Withholding Orders, Medical Enrollment for employee’s dependent children, Employer Noncompliance Actions/Recourse, inquiries/subpoenas an employer may receive, and explaining how DSHS and our child support agency works with all customers, especially employers.  I can also provide an update on the new WA State Legislation (HB 1262) that requires all WA employers to report lump sums (bonuses, commissions, etc.)
  • New Hire Reporting, and Multi-State Employer registration for New Hire Reporting
  • General Overview/Knowledge of DSHS programs/services (what I don’t know off hand and can research and follow up upon)
  • Connecting employers to other State agencies to get dedicated assistance
  • Statewide Community Partnerships and Resources
  • Community Outreach/Presentations/Conference Representation & Professional Networking
  • Active Military/Veteran outreach, support & resources

We are excited to partner and make BizFair as successful and engaging as possible"

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Jessica Smith, Tax Information Specialist
Department of Revenue

Jessica Smith is a Tax Information Specialist at DOR within the Education and Outreach team. She began her career with Revenue in the Tacoma field office as a Tax Information Specialist, assisting customers at the front counter. She promoted to a lead in the Telephone Information Center in 2021, and then became a supervisor earlier this year. Jessica's co-workers quickly learned they can rely on her for answers to tax questions. She is an advocate for exceptional customer service.

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