WA Bizfair 2022

Program Schedule

The 2022 WA Bizfair Program Schedule is now available! Learn more about our Keynote Speaker, Efrem Fesaha of Boone Boona Coffee.

08:00am - 09:00am BizFair Introduction and Keynote
Efrem Fesaha (Boon Boona Coffee)
SBA WA & PNW Person of the Year
09:00am - 9:30am Create a Quick Business Plan with the Lean Canvas
A key to starting and building a successful business is planning. Sometimes, a business plan is required, but it’s not always the answer to creating a successful business. Sometimes, you need to think lean.

In this session, SCORE Mentor Peter Burkland will walk you through a Lean Canvas to help you create a “blueprint” of your business. He will provide practical tips and tools and teach you how to:
  • Determine the key categories of starting, testing and growing your business
  • Identify your target customers and what you need to do to get them to buy from you
  • Recognize your customers’ problems and how your product or service will solve them
  • Communicate your value propositions that set you apart from your competition
  • Test your solutions and get valuable feedback
  • Determine your cost structure, runway and revenue streams
  • Monitor key metrics to determine your business’s initial and ongoing success"
Create your Business Entity: Register, License, Go
Understand the steps you need to take to register and license your business in the state of Washington with the Secretary of State and Department of Revenue’s Business Licensing Service.
Digital Marketing for Small Businesses
Creating marketing content can be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan and process in place. You will learn the basics of things to consider for your marketing plan, how to use a content calendar (with a free download of the content calendar shared) as well as a live demo of a content creation and social media publishing tool to help take away that overwhelming feeling.
Resources for Small Business Growth at the Public Library
Having good data is important especially if you are trying to grow your business. Information is key to success, but can be expensive or time-consuming if you don’t know where to look. Find out how to easily navigate various databases available through your local library to help you make informed decisions in your business planning, marketing, site location and market analysis. Also, gain valuable information and insights to better understand local economic conditions, customers, and more to grow your business efficiently.
Conversation and Stories about Boon Boona Coffee - Small Business Success Drilldown
Come to this session and have an interactive, in-person conversation with our Keynote Speaker Efrem Fesaha. Hear details about the coffee culture that inspired him to embark on his journey, the challenges he faced and how he persevered.
Small business sustainability by preparing in advance with SharedWork – opt-in employer program open to most businesses and industries.
What you’ll learn about the SharedWork program:
  • Best kept business secret.
  • Business eligibility and program benefits.
  • Prepare in advance - protect the business using the simple steps to enroll in the program.
  • No-costs to submit and receive an approved application for your business.
  • Layoffs versus retention: impact to experience rates, true or false?
  • Answers to the most common SharedWork - Employer questions.
09:30am - 10:00am
10:00am - 10:30am How to Identify Your Target Market and Set Your Business up for Success!
In this session we will discuss how marketing fits into your Lean Canvas and its' importance for your business success. After this session you will be able to identify your best potential customers and their common traits, and what that means for your marketing plan. You will also learn how to document and articulate your product or services, while learning the key tactic, how to determine your unique value proposition.
Recordkeeping Basics & Best Practices
  1. Describes how to keep track of your business’s finances
  2. Explains how to maintain your business records and documents for the future
Federal Taxes and the Small Business Owner
This session will help new and future business owners learn about:
  1. The types of Federal taxes that a business in Washington may be required to pay.
  2. The types of Federal taxes that a small business owner may be required to pay.
  3. How to report and pay those taxes.
What Does the State Expect Me to Know and Do as an Employer?
Have you ever struggled to know what your state responsibilities are as an employer, or where to begin? Join us as we cover the employment laws, payroll requirements, best practices, and resources that exist to help your business meet its state obligations.
How to Double Your Website Revenue
In this session you will learn a specific strategy for doubling website revenue. If you are working to grow a business that generates leads or sales from the website and you are seeking solutions and tactics to significantly increase leads or sales, this session is for you. We will cover KPIs, increasing website visitors, increasing website conversion, and increasing revenue per client. Be ready to see a common-sense approach with clear action items for your business.
Beyond Start-Up...Avoiding Four Fatal Errors
Don’t let fatal errors be the end of your business! Learn how to set your priorities, manage your cash, determine if a worker is an employee or contractor, and how to stay on top of regulatory and tax requirements.
Business Ownership Exploration
Prospective business owners will learn high level fundamentals about start-up’s, buying an existing business, and investing in a franchise business model. Each ownership path will be compared and participants will gain an understanding of the pros and cons of each.
10:30am - 11:00am
11:00am - 11:30am State Tax Basics for Small Businesses
Learn all about Washington’s business and occupation (B&O) tax and when and how to collect and pay retail sales tax – straight from the source. Establishing Your Business' Online Presence - Key First Steps
You are planning a great business, but when should you start establishing that business' online presence, even when it's still in the formative phase? The most common problem is being too late rather than too early. Before the active marketing, selling or branding you need to already be busy online. Attend this session to learn the bases you need to cover. That will include a multistep process for your central website, planning out content, creating social media profiles and taking other actions to raise your online profile. We will also cover basics on how to educate and influence both contacts and target customer bases to serve them up for later updates and offerings.
ScaleUp - The Path to Seven Figures
If you are serious about your company’s growth the ScaleUp Business Training series can help you get there. ScaleUp is 9-week intensive training program specifically designed to help entrepreneurs like you scale your business to seven figures and beyond.
In ScaleUp you will learn:
  • How to identify the best growth opportunity for your businessHow to develop a strategy for reaching your company vision
  • How to strengthen your products/services and establish a competitive advantageHow to develop your marketing strategy and promotional plan
  • How to step into the role of business owner instead of business workerHow to develop systems to help you break free from daily operations.And much more!
In this presentation, ScaleUp Master Trainer Daryl Murrow will take you inside the ScaleUp program and show you how this program can help you achieve your business goals. Harness the same data that Big Businesses use for your business: SizeUp
SizeUp provides you with the data and analytics you need to see how you stack up with competitors and fine-tune your business model for success. Run various scenarios on costs, revenue, location, customers and marketing strategies. You can even see how you compare to similar businesses around the state or the U.S. At each juncture, you have the opportunity to take deeper dives using the links provided.
Are you interested in doing business with the State?
Shana Barehand, Procurement Inclusion and Equity program manager will go over what you need to know about state contracting and how to make your business visible to state buyers and introduce some of the upcoming contracts.

Sign up and learn about some of the upcoming contracts include IT professional services in Project Management, Information Security, IT Development and IT Consulting; Water delivery services, Green janitorial products, Geotechnical drilling services, Vehicle repair services, painting service, portable showers and toilets, Scrap metal collection and recycling, Radio Frequency Identification Solutions (RFID) and more. DES also procures and manages around 200 statewide contracts formerly known as (Master Contracts) that state agencies must purchase from, and local governments, Tribes, and nonprofits may purchase from. These purchasers – more than 1,600 organizations -- spend over $1.9 billion on goods and services every year from 1,500 vendors. Like other agencies, DES makes internal purchases for its operational needs, including direct buy purchases, conducting its own competitive procurements (solicitations) and purchases using our many statewide contracts.

DES is responsible for developing and implementing procurement policies and procedures that encourage and facilitate the purchase of goods and services from Washington small businesses, minibusinesses, microbusinesses and minority-, veteran- and women-owned businesses. See RCW 39.26.090: RCW 39.26.005
Green Economy Opportunities for Contractors
This session is designed for contractors and owners of construction firms - especially in the Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC/R fields. Come learn about opportunities in the Clean Energy / Green Economy and how it can benefit your bottom line. Information regarding free training and support services will also be available. Small business sustainability by preparing in advance with SharedWork – opt-in employer program open to most businesses and industries - Discussion
What you’ll learn about the SharedWork program:
  • Best kept business secret.
  • Business eligibility and program benefits.
  • Prepare in advance - protect the business using the simple steps to enroll in the program.
  • No-costs to submit and receive an approved application for your business.
  • Layoffs versus retention: impact to experience rates, true or false?
  • Answers to the most common SharedWork - Employer questions.
11:30am - 12:00pm
12:00pm - 12:30pm The Power of Capital
How to fuel the growth of your business.
Small Business Lending – How to Work with your Bank
Hear from a current SBA Department Manager and former SBA District Office employee on how to best work with your bank when you have access to capital needs whether you are a startup, well established or anything in between.
Employee to Entrepreneur - Finding Your Best Path to Entrepreneurship
Learn how the traditional career path to a predictable “retirement” has evolved in recent years. The risk profiles of start-ups, acquisitions and franchise investments are compared. Seven practical action oriented takeaways offer suggestions for next steps in considering business ownership.
Resources to Launch or Grow Your Food or Farm Business
It takes a lot of resources and connections to run a successful food business. Learn about ways the Food Business Resource Center (FBRC) at Business Impact NW can support you in that journey. You will hear about some valuable resources and programs available through the FBRC and its regional food system partners to help launch or grow your food or farm business.
12:30pm - 01:00pm
12:30pm - 01:00pm Why you need a Business Entity and Options
Understand why you may need a business entity, the different business entities, their advantages/disadvantages and how to select the right one for you. Become a Small Business Owner Through Franchising
Is buying a franchise a good way for you to start a business?
Pricing & Packaging Services To Maximize Revenue
Deciding what to charge for your products & services is a balancing act. With Value-Based Pricing, fees are based on your competitive advantage and brand (perceived value). The main goal is to better align fees/pricing with the value delivered. In this session, we will discuss how to price and package your products and services to move the discussion away from price to the outcome.
Bookkeeping Basics, Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses
This workshop was developed with non-accountants in mind. It will help demystify bookkeeping for small business owners, boost their confidence, and they will leave with tips that they can use no matter which software they're using to manage their bookkeeping.
Small business sustainability
Learn to use tax credits, bonding protection and unemployment insurance for your business advantage.
What you need to know when filing with the WA Secretary of State
In this session we will discuss the basic duties of the office, what types documents are recorded in the office, and a tutorial of how to use the Corporations and Charities Filing System (CCFS)
12:30pm - 01:00pm
02:00pm - 02:30pm Ways to Fund Your Idea...Bootstrap, FAF, Incubators, Accelerators, Crowdfunding, Personal Loan, Microloans
Take a deeper look into how entrepreneurs fund their ideas. We start with a basic review of financial statements and understanding of how to get to the funding need, and then we review the different strategies and sources of funding.
Financial Literacy: The Three Basic Financial Reports Every Business Should Have
A business has to prove its viability and worth to potential lenders and investors. In this session, we will discuss the three basic financial reports that every business should have whether it is a start up or a well established business. We will delve into who the typical users will be, what questions they may ask, and how you can use these reports to operate your business.
Funding Your Small Business beyond Bootstrapping
The session will cover the programs supported by the US Small Business Administration (US SBA) including the 7(a) Loan Guaranty, the 504 Loan, the Community Advantage Lending, and the Microlender Programs; technical assistance provider information, the 5 Cs of Credit, and much more.
Laying the Groundwork: Basics of Government Contracting
This presentation is for small business owners who are brand new to government procurement. This class will lay the ground work for you to decide if government contracting should be in your future. This class is fun and informal so bring your questions!
Small Business Taxes Q&A
Learn all about Washington’s business and occupation (B&O) tax and when and how to collect and pay retail sales tax – straight from the source. Small Business Licensing with Department of Revenue
Learn all about filing the WA business license application with Department of Revenue/Business Licensing Service
02:30pm - 03:00pm
03:00pm - 03:30pm Recruitment & Retention Strategies
During this session, you will learn why employees stay, why they leave and what they say they want. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to explore solutions unique to your business. These solutions include a focus on meeting expectations, renewing connections, and supporting the growth of your current and potential employees.
Small Business and Contracts
Overview of contracts - We will be going over contracts, different types, components of contracts, and some pitfalls to avoid
WA Department of Commerce clearinghouse for all the information and resources entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses need to achieve success, including funding sources, training and technical assistance, mentorship, education and information.
03:30pm - 04:00pm


Meet our 2022 BizFair Keynote Speaker Efrem Fesaha

We’re excited to announce our 2022 BizFair Keynote Speaker, Efrem Fesaha of Boon Boona Coffee. He is a first generation Eritrean American whose family moved to the US in 1988 when his father received an offer to work for Boeing as a Mechanical Engineer.

  • Graduated high school in West Seatle
  • Received B.A. from Washington State University
  • Worked for 13 years in corporate finance locally (Holland America, Nordstrom and Amazon)

In 2011, on an extended visit to his native country of Eritrea, Efrem was inspired by the coffee culture in its capital Asmara and wanted to pursue a venture in coffee. Upon returning to Seatle, he launched Boon Boona Coffee with the goal of sourcing the best quality coffee beans from Africa. Working closely with coffee farmers from many African nations, he developed long-lasting relationships with them and helped ensure the sustainability of their crops. The first Boon Boona Coffee Roastery and Café location were established in Downtown Renton, a second one in the Central District of Seatle and a third one is on its way on University Ave, near the University of Washington.

Efrem won the US SBA Washington Small Business Person of the Year award for 2022 and was recently named the 2022 Pacific Northwest Small Business Person of the Year.

Join Efrem on Saturday, September 24th for this FREE hybrid one-day conference. His keynote begins at 8 AM PT and kicks off the full-day event concluding at 4 PM. Attend sessions spread across five different tracks. Sessions that range from planning, starting, and building to growing your small business with the opportunity to learn from experts.

Throughout the day, if you attend the event in person at Renton Technical College, Renton, WA, you can also visit tables staffed by federal, state, and local agencies. They will answer all your questions and you can gather information essential for the success of your small business. If you are attending virtually, you can visit the virtual booths for similar purposes.


Conozca a nuestro orador principal de BizFair 2022 Efrem Fesaha

Nos complace anunciar a nuestro orador principal de BizFair 2022, Efrem Fesaha of Boon Boona Coffee. Es un eritreo-americano de primera generación, cuya familia se mudó a los Estados Unidos en 1988 cuando su padre recibió una oferta para trabajar para Boeing como ingeniero

  • Graduado de la escuela secundaria en West Seatle
  • Recibió su B.A. de la Universidad Estatal de Wa
  • Trabajó durante 13 años en finanzas corporativas a nivel local (Holland America, Nordstrom y Amazon)

En 2011, en una extensa visita a su país natal, Eritrea, Efrem se inspiró en la cultura del café en su capital, Asmara, y quiso emprender con un negocio de café. Al
regresar a Seatle, lanzó Boon Boona Coffee con el objetivo de conseguir los granos de café de mejor calidad de África. Trabajando en estrecha colaboración con productores de café de muchas naciones africanas, desarrolló relaciones duraderas con ellos y ayudó a garantizar la sostenibilidad de sus cultivos. La primera ubicación de Boon Boona Coffee Roastery and Café se estableció en el centro de Renton, una segunda en el Distrito Central de Seatle y una tercera está en camino en University Ave, cerca de la Universidad de Washington.

Efrem ganó el premio del US SBA como la Persona del Año de la Pequeña Empresa de Washington para 2022 y recientemente fue nombrado la Persona del Año de la Pequeña Empresa del Noroeste del Pacífico 2022.

Únase a Efrem el sábado 24de septiembre para la conferencia híbrida gratuita de un día. Su discurso de apertura comienza a las 8 a.m. PT y da inicio al evento de un día completo que concluye a las 4 p.m. Asiste a sesiones separadas en temas de planificación, inicio y desarrollo hacia el crecimiento de su pequeña empresa, aprendiendo de expertos en la materia.

Durante todo el día, si asiste al evento en persona en Renton Technical College, Renton, WA, también puede visitar las mesas de agencias federales, estatales y locales. Ellos responderán a todas sus preguntas y usted puede recopilar información esencial para el éxito de su pequeña empresa. Si asistes virtualmente, puedes visitar los stands virtuales para fines similares.

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